Photo Credit: Flickr

I remember watching the artist, Bob Ross, on Saturday mornings growing up. I was amazed how he created beautiful landscapes starting from nothing. Even though he piqued my interest, I never really had a desire or interest for art.

About 15 years ago, I thought about how I use to enjoy watching Bob paint so I decided to buy my first acrylic paint set. It was just a small, six-pack of primary colors by Liquitex.

Unfortunately, it was another ten years before I even opened the set of paints. Immediately, I realized that painting gave me a peace of mind….it was a form of mediation for me….a place where I could express and release my feelings and inner thoughts of how I see the world. I never could imagine that painting would open my world to other art forms.

From my experience, I started creating greeting cards which mixed my love of painting, writing and paper crafting. I’m at a wonderful stage and I am continuously unfolding the unlimited possibilities…discovering, exploring, learning and enjoying the cycle of change and transformation. Art is life….changing, renewing and evolving…looking at life in another dimension.

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