Traditional Media vs. Digital Design

As some of you  may know, I’m studying digital design right now. In class, the professor asked us which do we enjoy better, painting or painting on the computer with software. I really have to say there is no comparison. I enjoy both mediums. I feel there is no comparison. I like using acrylic or watercolor paint and the ability to use my hands. There’s just something about it. I feel deeply connected and express myself differently then when I use a computer to compose a piece. It’s very similar to writing. I normally will produce my writing on a notepad prior to actually typing it on a computer. There’s just something about the feel of the pen to the paper. It’s raw, organic and natural.

On the other hand, designing on the computer is very interesting. You can create and design with different possibilities that you may not be able to create by hand. It has a different look and appeal. When you make a mistake, it is easy to correct in a matter of minutes unlike traditional artwork. I really don’t feel like one medium is better than the other. The two art forms are very similar. They both have their own characteristics and serve its purpose…to influence others through color, patterns, texture and form. It’s how we tell our story, express our emotions, deliver a message and envision the world around us.

Desire to inspire……

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