Piet Mondrian and Modern Day Influences

Piet Mondrian was well-known for his abstract designs using primary colors to draw from his creative expressions. His simplistic, geometric forms and asymmetrical design has a great influence on Modern art in today’s world. Many designers in today’s culture model the lines and rectangular shapes and basic palette that he made so popular.

Mondrian believed the art was a reflection of the spiritual world. He used elements that were opposing and conflicting to nature. For example, his use of horizontal and vertical lines, static or dynamic, masculine or feminine or negative or positive elements. His art continuously evolved and was influenced by modern art movements such as Luminism, Impressionism and most importantly, Cubism. His creative influences are well-known throughout the world through his color-blocked patterns and styles.

His art influence is found in many fashion designs and architecture today. Click here for Modrian Cake Designs

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