Concept in Design

Although we respond positively to organization in design, I believe design should create a sense of tension within an organized pattern or design. What makes a piece of artwork, design, structure or object is the “Wow” factor. It is the “Light Bulb Moment” when you can visualize and communicate the intricate element of design and weave them together which creates a mesh of ideas to build upon. When you experiment with symmetric vs. asymmetric order including a variety of textures, forms, color and scale, it provides a sense of random order in context to a well-planned and thought out idea. It also produces a variety of creative options.

Once the artist or designer commits to an idea, certain rules can be added or subtracted according to what they are trying to express during the developmental stage.  Repetition can be a great feature but can also produce a boring, mundane style.  When you break the rules of order in a subtle way, it creates an interesting perspective and the piece develops its own personality and style. This technique reinforces my opinion that design should have a certain amount of tension within the body of the work.

When you use negative and positive space in your design, it creates harmony and balance within the environment through innovative ideas, conceptual messages and visual communications. An artist or designer is not responsible for satisfying the needs of the audience for order and novelty.

In contrary, the audience or viewer is subject to the creative process of the artist or designer which goal is to communicate, inspire and influence the masses in the final completion of the work through emotional, intellectual or physical interpretation of the object, design or artwork.

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