The Art of Designing Custom-made Jewelry

Copyright 2009 Yolanda Berry
Women accessories are the key to enhancing any outfit. Scarves, belts, hats, shoes and jewelry defines a women’s personality and appearance. Personally, I’m influenced by the color, texture, shape and form of the actual bead. Making jewelry is a very intricate process and takes much time and patience. 

Normally, when I decide to start a new project, I do not have an idea or pattern in mind when I create my pieces. It is like painting on an empty canvas. I simply like the freedom of using an experimental method and allow my imagination to merge with a creative flow which leads me to my final piece.  If you desire to dabble with designing jewelry, I’ve listed some simple steps to get you started.

Here Are a Few Basic Methods to Create Jewelry:

·         Stringing is the process of adding beads on a cord to create a bracelet or necklace.
·         Wire wrapping is a method of using soft wire ranging from 22-26 gauges in creating abstract or traditional patterns which is known in all types of jewelry design.
·         Hammering is the process of making indentions in a piece of metal to create a design or pattern.
·         Beading is constantly evolving to new levels which include adding beads to clothing, hats, belts, pillows and in the simplest form to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even headbands.

Using the Right Tools is Essential to the Process

·         Chain Nose Pliers; Perfect for gripping or bending wire
·         Crimp Pliers; Specially-designed for closing crimp beads
·         Long Nose Pliers; Similar to chain nose pliers
·         Round Nose Pliers; Great for making loops
·         Flat Nose Pliers; Use for bending metals or closing jump rings
·         Split Ring Pliers; Separates the ring for easy access to thread or add the ring to your project
·         Flush Cutter; Shears wire and metals
·         Bead Reamer; Fleshes out and defines a hole in a bead

There are many other tools that are used for specific tasks. I suggest just have fun in the process. There is never really a wrong way to design jewelry. The most important thing to remember is that the jewelry is functional and wearable. Clasp and hooks need to be made secure. Never be influenced by trends, but create from your intuition and just be open to the creative process. It will never lead you wrong. 

If making jewelry is not really your creative endeavor, you can purchase selected items of my jewelry at:


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