The Annual New England Art Walk Festival

On Saturday, August 24th, the Annual New England Art Walk Festival was held in Portland, Maine. Painters, sculptures and jewelry designers gathered under white tents to showcase and sell their latest works. There were several landscapes, seascapes, portraits and abstract paintings in mediums such as oil, acrylic, tempera, and pastels. 

They also had local musicians dispersed throughout the festival which played guitars, saxophones and violins which added a special ambiance. The festival was located just minutes away from downtown Old Port where you could find fresh lobsters, clams, oysters and other well-acclaimed seafood dishes. Local shops and restaurants was within walking distance to the art festival. It was also located in the vicinity to the Portland Museum of Art and the Maine College of Art, also known as, MECA 

If you have never experienced the New England seacoast, this would be a great place for creative inspiration. Local beaches are only 45 minutes away. There are many landmarks which make it a great place for photographers to capture nature and scenic views. Autumn is a peak season also.

You can also take a local trolley ride to tour the city or simply relax on a mini cruise to several historic islands in the nearby area. 

Whatever you decide to do, while absorbing the creative atmosphere, will definitely add to the fun, food, and excitement at the festival.  

Photos Courtesy of Yolanda Berry

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