How To Create Textured Art Designs

Most artists enjoy working with some form of color, shape, form, and texture or all of the above. I was thinking of a unique way to add texture to acrylic paintings or for that matter any type of art whether it’s working with paint, paper or clay. Be creative in whatever medium you choose.

I thought using sugar, salt, sand or glitter would be an interesting substance to work with within a piece of artwork.  It can be used prior to painting the work or sprinkled over the project after painted.

How to: Using Paint

§  Apply a transparent glue on the canvas
§  Sprinkle sugar, salt, sand or glitter onto the canvas randomly
§  Let dry overnight
§  Paint on the canvas as usual.
§  You will need to use a special set of brushes which you don’t mind using for this stand-alone project.

How to: Using Paper or Cardboard
You can use pennies as a form of 3D pop art which I used on creating a vision board.

§  Simply apply a permanent glue as an adhesive between the object and base.
§  Align the amount of pennies needed to create dimension sandwiched between the base and the object.
§  Glue accordingly.
§  This technique works well on small projects no larger than 11 x 12 area.

How to: Using Clay 

§  Use marbles, jacks, jewelry beads, string or yarn to mix into the batch of clay

§  Mold as desired.

           For more inspiration, go to: Sand Textured Landscapes or Textured Designs

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