Do You Ever Feel Like Squashing the Creative Bug?

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Being creative is not easy. You’re constantly thinking inside of your head. Whether you’re a painter, writer, chef, musician, dancer, actor, architect, photographer, fashion or graphic designer, you’re constantly focused and relying on your imagination to spark ideas. Everyone has the ability to be creative, but the status quo feels its child’s play. They believe once you become a certain age, you should leave the creative bug behind and become more serious in life.
It’s challenging to be perceived as a creative. The majority of the population does not value creativity and some feel there’s no need for it. It can become discouraging when you focus on the outside world. Everyone has an opinion of what they consider important or significant. It’s a distraction when you listen to the noise around you.
It can also become exhausting when the creative flow stops. It’s intimidating when you stare at a blank page or canvas; or simply can’t find the right notes for a melody. Your desire is to live with a continuous muse that overflows with inspiration.
Fortunately, the world is in need of creativity on all levels. It takes creativity and imagination to solve the problems in today’s world. It also heals and encourages others as well as ourselves. Every system needs creativity: Political, governmental, educational, financial; well you get the idea.
The world is unconsciously dependent on creativity, yet it’s not valued or appreciated. It’s through innovation that buildings are designed, products are invented and people are cured from diseases.
Modernization is the product of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and countless others who made a dent in the universe.

Yes, their products and business models were major breakthroughs that revolutionized how we communicate, yet the simplest forms of creativity are not valued. Words change lives, music or photos evoke emotions and movies teach us more about our past, present and future.
Creativity is our pathway of expression and how we view the world. It’s also the key to how we solve major problems, challenges and obstacles that society faces. Multi-dimensional problems are weaved throughout our nation, region, state, communities and personal lives. However, the solution lies in the mind of the individual.
Do you feel you’re work is undervalued or under-appreciated? Do you feel like giving up? That is not the answer. The world needs you! It’s not the time to throw in the towel or squash your creative juices. This is the time to press forward with self-assurance, motivation and focus. It’s part of your DNA. Spark the vision inside of you.

Despite the ambiguities or uncertainties of life, one must press on. Do not fall victim of stagnant enthusiasm. There is a purpose behind your art, in whatever medium, if only to be true to yourself. Maybe, just maybe, you can move the hearts of others or possibly affect one person in whom it was meant to touch in a very specific, exclusive and unusual way.

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