Nine Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

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“Creativity is the essence of the imagination.” Yolanda Berry

If you are struggling with developing new ideas or strategies for your creative project, you may need to step away from the activity and completely reboot your internal creative drive. Here are nine sure ways to defeat creative blocks and unleash your imagination.

1.  Listen to music. Music soothes the soul. It’s hard to be creative under stress or pressure. When you unwind, you will notice that creativity easily flows like water. Your mind and soul must be at a peaceful place. At times, you may be working and listening to music at the same time. However, when you are working, your attention is not 100% focused on the music. Allow yourself to concentrate directly on the voice, melody and harmonies. Even close your eyes and drift away. You will find that you will get a burst of new revelation.

2.  Go for a walk. Nature has a way of silencing your thoughts. The stillness of nature provides a fresh environment where creativity flourish. Trees, river, oceans, beaches, rocks and even the sound of animals such as birds, rejuvenates your conscious mind and allows you to see the project you was struggling with in a new light.
3.  Talk to a friend. Taking your mind completely off the project to engage in conversation and laughter can source renewed energy so you can express all those thoughts that are bottled up on the inside that seem stuck.
4.  Do Nothing. Sometimes we push ourselves so much that we simply are overloading the whole thought process. Keeping up with tight schedules and deadlines, social media, family, work and other activities may garble our vision. Mediation or even taking a nap can provide a sense of escape and recharge those productive batteries.
5.  Stop Comparing Your Work to Others. A sure way to kill creativity is to covet the talent of others. It may be tempting to search for fresh concepts and ideas to help spark your own, but this may slow down the progress or even put up a roadblock. You cannot shine in the shadow of others. Self-discovery and self-analysis opens opportunities for originality. You can’t soul search when you’re focused on others.
6.  Eliminate Fear. Confront fear and doubts that may be holding you back from achieving the ultimate goal. Embrace change and step out of your comfort zone.
7.  Don’t watch the clock. Meetings a deadline can cause panic and allow your creative GPS to steer you in the wrong direction: A thought to nowhere. Don’t allow time constraints squeeze your creative juices. Be mindful of deadlines, but don’t let it to steal your inspiration.
8. Follow Your Instincts. Sometimes we may disregard that voice we hear inside our heads. We may doubt or second guess ourselves. This small error may lead us down the wrong direction because we didn’t trust that sixth sense. Often, ideas come in a glimpse. You must move quickly to capture it. Listen to yourself and then follow through without hesitation. Action supplies numerous options. Don’t discount any idea.
9.  Keep a “creative toolbox.” Write your ideas down on paper, fold and store it in a shoe box or canister. Similar to a cookie jar, you will return to a sweet idea that can be activated just when you need it. Related ideas in the treasure box can also become building blocks or bridges to a solution down the road. You can also store a journal or notepad by the bed. 

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