Life by Design: The Art of Creativity

Creating art is such an intimate, spiritual activity. When you tap into your inner soul, creativity, innovation and imagination emerge from the act or process of self-expression. Whether you live in a robust, fast-paced city, remote town or somewhere in-between, there’s living art all around you. You may find inspiration under a wispy tree, a crowded subway or Marta train. However, you shouldn’t wait for your muse to hit. The process of creativity is unlimited and continuously flowing even if you physically don’t feel like creating.

You may go through a slump period but you shouldn’t allow your emotions to dictate your productivity. Sometimes, the best time to create is when you’re emotionally-charged. You may feel sad, angry, stressed or frustrated however you can extract a beautiful piece of art from the deepest, darkest places from your being.

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The voice of your work speaks to your audience whether you’re a chef, musician, artist, designer or writer. Participating in varied activities and life experiences expand your perspective and vantage point. The opportunity to explore and discover new people, places, and things nurture creativity. Museums, concerts or even different types of restaurants provides a palette of flavor and diversity.

Take into account what motivates you. It can be the simplest thing such as a colorful painting on a white wall, clean lines at an art gallery or the organized chaos at a coffee shop.

At the center of all creation, begins and ends with the heart. It connects to the human experience no matter how obscure or abstract. When you are true to your nature by silencing your ego and allowing yourself the freedom to be, you’re creating in your divine essence. By letting go of low expectations, fear, false or distorted self-images, doubts, and procrastination, you release the negative mindsets created by the outside world. It’s an oxymoron. Through opposition, you can find balance. Opposites attract.

The gift of creativity is actively participating in a vivid, colorful life while transforming every intricate part of your personal thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences into a mosaic landscape of self-expression.

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Don’t let the distractions of life blind or detour your path. Let your internal GPS system lead the way. Keep going in the direction of your visual kaleidoscope of ideas. Let the world be your canvas. There is beauty in the details. Imperfections, mistakes, and failures, at times, creates relatable forms of work that others will appreciate and enjoy.

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