Three Things Creatives Should Not Do When Honing Their Craft

Do Not Expect Support from Family or Friends

Do not look for support and encouragement from your family or friends. The biggest mistake is expecting the people closest to you to understand, encourage and support your art. Depending on how you grew up, family only perceive you in a certain way and often downplay your gifts or talents.

They will normally praise others of their work but will not see the same talent in you. They are often judgmental, critical or jealous. If that is not the case, often they want you to pursue a field or interest that is socially accepted.

The average person who is not creative “Just does not get it” so don’t waste your time trying to explain or prove yourself to them. It will only frustrate and discourage you.

Your friends may also not understand your ideas or thoughts. They may not even have an interest in the same things that interest you. If you are too passionate, some friends may try to block you from trying to pursue or attain your goals especially if they don’t have their own goals and aspirations in life so be mindful of who you accept into your space. 

It’s so important to surround yourself with like-minded people and build a support system of creatives so you can share your failures and victories, as well as express yourself freely and openly. When there’s a free-flowing imagination, it releases more creative energy.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Other Artists
The worst thing you can do as an artist is to compare yourself to other artists. Each person is created with their own abilities, gifts, and talents. It is uniquely your own. Your art and creative ideas should be celebrated and expressed. 

Unfortunately, social media has made it even harder to block out the creative voices around you however, you can use the creativity around you to inspire you. Just make sure you take breaks from social media so you can connect and hear your own voice through your artwork.

Do Not Constantly Switch Your Craft

It is important to give your artwork time to develop. Some artist jumps from one form of art to another and never focus on developing the skill required to become great. You cannot become better at something if you don’t practice it. Allow yourself space to make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes make the best artwork. It’s from the repetition of performance that you gain experience and skills so just continue to have patience and endurance during the creative process. Take the time to sharpen your skills. Make sure you continue to learn new things and gain new insights. This will keep you motivated and inspired.

Most of all, enjoy the journey!

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