I’m a content creator, devotional writer, self-taught acrylic artist and jewelry designer who mostly gains inspiration through color, texture, shape, and form which aids in the creative process.

I’m fueled by creative insight through words and design. I remember watching the artist, Bob Ross, on Saturday mornings growing up. I was amazed how he created beautiful landscapes starting from nothing. Even though he piqued my interest, I never really had a desire or interest for art.

Over 30 years ago, I thought about how I use to enjoy watching Bob paint so I decided to buy my first acrylic paint set. It was just a small, six-pack of primary colors by Liquitex.

Unfortunately, it was another ten years before I even opened the set of paints. Immediately, I realized that painting gave me peace of mind. It was a form of mediation for me. It was a place where I could express and release my feelings and inner thoughts of how I see the world. I never could imagine that painting would open my world to other art forms.

I realized that I could escape through art and heal my emotions so I started creating greeting cards that mixed my love of painting, writing, and paper crafting. I’m at a wonderful stage in my life and I am continuously unfolding the unlimited possibilities of discovering, exploring, learning, and growing. I’m enjoying the process of transformation. Art is life….it’s forever changing, renewing, and evolving…

I will continue to look at life in another dimension.

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