Five Basic Ways to Reinvent Your Inner Artist

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As a creator, you may be challenged, at times, to constantly think of new ideas and act on them. It can be daunting when the creative process doesn’t flow as you imagined. 

With so much competition, you feel pressure to perform and wonder how your work will stand out from the millions of talented artist in the same space.

There are a few things that you can do to re-invent your inner artist.

1.      Hone your voice

You must know who you are and listen to the inner voice inside of you. Do not doubt or underestimate your true value.  Listen to your gut. Do not be afraid to be unique. There are a million clones out there, but you’re a designer’s original, so showcase your talent. Choose venues that will be highly profitable and will highlight your work.

2.      Get out of your comfort zone


    You can easily get into a rut or feel stuck. Art is constantly evolving. Whether you’re a designer, artist, writer, chef, actor or musician, you must continue to learn more about your craft. It also helps to be around like-minded people that can motivate you. By sharing with others, you gain a new perspective. 

    You may need to attend a local event, conference or workshop to surround yourself with new people and gain new information, resources, and insight. It also helps to revisit the past and learn about old influences that have changed art culture.  The merging of two opposing sources may just spark a ground-breaking concept.

3.      Stop procrastinating

Nothing’s worse than wasting time or money. Make sure you’re making sound decisions when it comes to your trade. It’s time to get out of your head and activate your thoughts with producing tangible results.  

Take small, measurable steps to accomplish your overall goals. Don’t allow your mood or emotions to dictate your vision. Get off the couch, cell or computer and start creating! Just like a fine wine, you only get better with time.

4.      Stop comparing yourself to other artists

It’s great to admire other people’s work. It often inspires creativity; but when you start comparing your work to others, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Be the best you. Don’t envy other’s abilities. You have your own distinctive skills that you bring to the table.  When you begin to acknowledge and appreciate your own talent, the more exceptional you’ll become.

5.      Produce Quality Materials

You may need to invest in quality tools and supplies to enhance the appearance of your work. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you should have materials that will ease the creative process.

It’s best to start out small. Whether you decide on a low or fixed budget, as you gain experience, you can always treat yourself to better materials that will ultimately attract your target audience.

As you continue to develop and grow, your work will eventually transform with time.  The inner artist is an expression of life and everything that flows from it. So dig deep and find the treasures that are hidden inside. You may be surprised what you will find.

Priority Boxes Art Project – Artwork Lost in Fire

I’m disheartened to just find out that the Priority Boxes Art Project has just lost their loft space due to fire. I have followed their work since 2006. They have lost their life’s work in the fire. There was very little art that was recovered and the building is currently being demolished.

To find out more or to help in the restoration process, please go to: